I first picked up a singing bowl around 4 years ago and instantly feel in love with the tones they produced. My goal is to help spread their soothing sounds as much as possible.  

Obviously money is a necessity for me to continue to create and survive but I truly understand being broke, So pay what you like, Share the music and spread it as you wish and I will be so thankful for your support in any way that it is given.

You can also choose support me via the donation button below if you wish.

Thank you so much again and I hope you

enjoy my work as I appreciate you for listening.

If you do pay for downloads or donate thank you so much as all the money will go to helping me live and get the things i need to put out more work for you to enjoy.

Here is a little clip of me playing some of my bowls out in the streets of Asheville, Nc.

Digital Downloads:

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Sessions: This release started out as a youtube series which I started a few years back while living in Boston, I was hoping to spread my meditation work done with metal bowls better. Since I started this it has grown into a one hundred session series featuring a wide range of sound. 


I am also working on uploading the new sessions as they come out. 

Balance: This is a set of recordings were made to help with the alignment & simulation of the seven chakras through sound meditation, Working to collect energy from several different levels of resonance and vibration.

Searching The Sky: I wrote this piece using some of my metal and crystal singing bowls, But unlike some of my other meditation work this one has a deeper ambience to it, It has a more thick water like flow that minimally changes throughout. I wrote this piece specifically for me to fall asleep to.

Decipher Reflections: This is the start of a series which will be similar to the metal bowl sessions I did. This series will be made with a set of crystal bowls, The set is made up of a 8", 9" and 10" bowl. I will try adding one to two tracks to this a month.

Rain + Singing Bowls: The rain was starting to come down one morning after I had just woke up and it was hitting all the various surfaces surrounding the outside of my windows so i decided to set up my recorder and record the sound of that along side my singing bowls.

The Love Frequency: I woke one morning around 7am and before my morning walk up the road i decided to sit down and write this piece. The music is comprised of two layers the bottom layer being tuned to the 528hz frequency which is the Love frequency, The layer over the top is made from a 10" C# Tibetan Singing bowl and is not grounded by a set frequency/tone.

Subtle Ripples: This piece was written during my first stay in Boston in 2011, I is made from slow moving water recordings taken from the Charles River using my little handheld record, Those recordings are layered with soft tones made by processing the resonance of one of my singing bowls. 

Without Gravity: I decided to start putting all the little day to day bowl sessions I do, These are all live one take recordings some will be long and some short, they I like little sketches for future ideas.

Learning how to read the map to get there: This record was written using multi layered recordings of my crystal singing bowls I recorded parts of this piece during a stay in South Carolina. There will be a 7" record version coming soon.

 Singing Bowls: 

I get comments on videos and emails of people asking where they could purchase bowls and so on so i figured i would put this here to give some insight. You can try bowls from everywhere and you are always going to get different results and sound but i think these two are your best bet for price, sound and just all around good intentions.

Crystal SInging Bowls:  If you are interested and looking to go about purchasing a crystal singing bowl my only suggestion would be to check out www.bestbowls.com. The owners name is Imara and i have yet to meet someone with such amazing energy she is very helpful and if you are just starting out and need direction she has the knowledge to get you on the right path.

Tibetan/Metal Bowls: If you are interested in getting into metal bowls I would suggest checking out www.giftsfromnepal.com, The owner Andy's main goal is to help out the local artist from the country as he is originally from Nepal.